Minority Outreach Program

The 60 Plus Foundation in cooperation with the 60 Plus Association serves as a non-partisan advocacy and educational vehicle for senior citizens in all 50 states and the various territories.  60 Plus, also known as the American Association of Senior Citizens, continues to be engaged in an ongoing project to reach out to minority communities across the United States to assist seniors in need of assistance with the tools to better function in society.  Whether it’s in the urban areas across the country, or with Hispanic, Asian, and other immigrant groups that have settled here, our Minority Outreach Program is designed to help the most vulnerable in society, our seniors.

The Minority Outreach program is headed by Ms. Kelly Mitchell. Kelly has an impressive background working at the local, state, and federal levels of government and industry. Her experience, and tenacity, is exactly what seniors need for a strong advocate who will be engaged in their local communities to serve seniors of color, Hispanic, those of Latino heritage, Asian, and others who are challenged in understanding the resources and services that are available to them.

Our program is designed to reach seniors in a variety of minority communities, with keen awareness of their historical, cultural, and community norms.  Programs are tailored to each community with the aim of being as helpful, caring, and responsive to their individual needs as possible.

Whether it’s people of color, immigrants, or multi-generational seniors living throughout the United States, they unfortunately will often have a harder time accessing and understanding the resources and information available to them in their golden years.  Minorities usually suffer from more challenging economic conditions, inadequate educational opportunities, language barriers, higher level of illnesses, racism, and discrimination in general.  We aim to target these communities in need and lend them a helping hand.

For More Information Contact:

Kelly Mitchell
Director of Minority Outreach

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