The 60 Plus Foundation, Inc. is a non-partisan educational non-profit organization formed to identify challenges for our seniors and to seek alternative solutions to these issues developed through the private sector, financed through the free enterprise system, which enhance the quality of life, dignity, and security of American senior citizens.

The Foundation brings together segments of the public, representatives of civic institutions, leaders in private enterprise, and specialists in educational disciplines to restore the vigor, intentions and beliefs of our founding fathers, as those intentions and beliefs relate to senior issues. We work to rekindle a nation and a culture that assists, supports, and provides opportunities to its senior citizens, while respecting the Constitutional right of every citizen to live in dignity and thrive in a democratic society, free from government reliance.

Board of Directors

Jim Martin, Chairman and President

Saul Anuzis

Bob Coakley

Governor John Engler

Gary Wolfram, Ph.D.

Bill Fay

Tim Hyde 

Michael Long

Ken Lynch